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Review Haarlemsdag blad/ OOR:

Koning switches, apparently effortlessly, between singing a poem and improvising an original story through the lyrics. Luc Ex creates warm, infectious grooves that respond playfully and effectively to the texts, but cannot be tamed by them. Renfrow’s clear and direct grooves connect all of them and leaves no space for doubt. The trio switch easely from tightly rehearsed pieces to improvisation and vice versa.

They justed released their first album called ‘Move Prepare Fininsh’ with 12 brand new pieces. Music is written by Annelie Koning & Luc Ex and with texts/poems from Charles Bukowski, Gertrude Stein and Annelie Koning.
The album is presented in the shape of a tin can, designed by artist Milou van Ham.

Lyrics are available on Website Annelie