André van der Linden

beeldend kunstenaar

Geboren 1945, Amsterdam

Werkt vanaf 1968 als beeldhouwer, beeldend kunstenaar. Hij heeft zijn werk op talloze binnen- en buitenlandse exposities laten zien. Voor gemeenten, instellingen en bedrijven heeft hij monumentale opdrachten uitgevoerd.

Door middel van contrasterende vormen en materialen wil hij uitdrukking geven aan wat een individu beweegt en in beweging brengt. Veelal brengt hij door het gebruik van draden en staven een zekere mate van transparantie in de beelden, een transparantie die verbinding legt tussen de dynamiek van het beeld en de ruimte waarin het zich bevindt. Deze lijnen worden als versterkend expressiemiddel gebruikt.

Meer info:

L’Objet Sonore #1

Installation created by Luc Ex and designed by  André van der Linden.

It’s a monumental loudspeaker designed for public spaces. It will have a build-in speaker and the organic shape of the horn will amplify the sounds acoustically.
The horn will play a composition by Luc Ex. It is a piece of roughly 10-15 minutes that will exist only by sounds of everyday urban life. No traditional instruments are used.
Sounds we need to produce in order to let our society function. Think of construction work; roller-suitcases rattling on the pavement; slamming car-doors, big lorries forming a chord while accelerating , shouting people on a market..etc.
It is a reflection of our own environment , but than re-organized and ‘re-shaped’ into music. Noise becomes music.

You might want to hear the soundcloud-links to get a better impression than words.
(please note that the piece is still under construction and also still needs to be mixed and mastered)
-traffic sequence
-Pile driving/ construction work sequence

Objet Sonore can be assembled in any desired location.

There are several reasons to play this piece in a public place.
First is to try to create more awareness of the sounds we actually produce. Also the beauty of it. Most of the people that walk through a city hardly notice the racket we make. A construction site might never sound the same after hearing this piece.
Secondly it van be refreshing to listen together to a piece of music outside the traditional ‘band on stage’-conditions. Because it is outside the sounds of that square or street will be interfering with the music.That is also the charme of it and will accentuate the intention of the piece.
Last but not least it that it might also demonstrates the fine line between the world of sound of that of music.
When do we actually call something music mand when does it stays ‘random-noise’.