Han Buhrs – voc/text
Tatiana koleva – vibes/ perc.
Rene van Barnveld – git
Luc Ex – acoustic bass

Jazzdor 2013

In A Haze



Rubatong is a group initiated by Han Buhrs. There’s Tatiana Koleva, a percussionist who is usually engaged in performing the sophisticated precision of contemporary classical music, René van Barneveld, a guitarist that is known for mixing rock and rap music (URBAN DANCE SQUAD), but never abandoned his lyrical options and bluesy backbone, Luc Ex, an improvising bassist that once started off playing punk (THE EX). Han Buhrs is a vocalist that will tempt anything between raw throat sounds and singable language.

A selection of ten pieces of the bands repertoire was played and recorded, with very little overdubbing, at the high quality Studio 150 in Amsterdam, Holland, by Zlaya Hadzic.  It was then mixed and mastered by Hadzic, L.Ex and Buhrs.

Rubatong new 7 inch 

new 7 inch



Every piece is a short film, a story in itself, built around lyrics and some rudimentary composed plan. Buhrs’ -often non narrative- lyrics are sung in english, dutch, french and selfmade german.

There’s a somewhat dark feel to this music, it improvises, it rocks, or combines songs with a touch of the modern classical elements. Sometimes it’s slow and touchy and it floats, then all of a sudden it’s nasty, loud and fast. It’s not jazz probably but it bents over in that direction occasionally. You might file it under ‘contemporary blues’.