The Philosopher

Marta Warelis. - keyboard
Audrey Chen - voice, analog electronics
Hanne de Backer- baritone saxophone
Rapahaël Vanoli - guitar, electronics
Luc Ex - ac bass.

Is a combination of exceptionally talented musicians on the one hand and philosophical or topical questions on the other.

Every piece in the repertoire of The Philosopher will be based on a specific philosophical point of view or a topical question. The sound or arrangement of that piece will be linked to that specific question. In other words, the philosophical or political statement will be translated in a musical way.

Hanne de Backer, Audrey Chen, Marta Warelis and Raphaël Vanoli are extraordinary musicians. Not only for their craftsmanship, but also for their musicality and the unique sound world they manage to create. The audience might find istelf in a world where saxophone and guitar are making the sound of a heavy rainstorm while Audrey's voice reminds you of a wounded bird.

Creating this new music around existential questions is the crux of this group.