-Soprano sax
-Keyboard/electr piano
-Percussion 1
-Percussion 2
-Stagehand -1
-Stagehand -2

Urbanique is a ‘musical impression’ of live in a metropole. We run, drive, work and entertain ourselves in an environment of ringroads, constructionworks and chaos who is also quite well organised. A perpamennt 24 hour circle. It so as ugly as it is at the same time beautifull
It is a composition of 60-70 minutes for 8 musicians and 2 scenery-builders. (the secenery buleders are als part of the score)

The composition is devided in 5 chapters:
1- Stad Ontwaakt                   (City wakes up)
2- Stad Bouwt                         (City builds)
Stad Beweegt                   (City moves)
4Eet, Werk & Praat        (Eat, Work and talk)
5- Stad Vermaakt Zich       (City amuses itself)

Every chapter has it own scenery. All material and objects are chosen for their sound-quality and functionality and play a part in the score.
They will also be used as instruments, on top of having visual effects.